USAAF Mustang – Bootleg

Mr.Ozzi gave me few boards, they come from an his friend collection, the first one on the bench is a working bootleg, the issue affecting the board is a lack of some kind graphics during the game, here is the board:

Powering up the game confirm the issue, the game is an horizontally scrolling shoot ’em up arcade game originally developed by NMK, and published by UPL in 1990 :  USAAF MUSTANG

Leaving the board playing the DEMO the lack of background graphics can be easily seen looking at the sky :

Background graphics like clouds are completely missed, but looking at the board the culprit can be easily spotted …

An EPROM is missing … so we have to program a fresh new one with the proper romset. The first step is to identify and get the correct romset but with some bootleg isn’t an easy task because few of them aren’t always present in the MAME DataBase, so i had to read the contents of another EPROM and feed the file into ROSICA Engine …

I know also MAME can accomplish this task but drag-and-drop is more user-friendly than the command line. By the way the correct romset seems to be the one called “mustangb2 – USAAF Mustang – TAB Austria Bootleg”. Looking at the MAME source we can identify the missing rom in the “bgtile” section …

The missing rom is the one named “10.bin” … once programmed ad placed the EPROM in the socket we can power up the board and see if it fix the missing graphics, here is a screenshot without the eprom installed :

… and then the same screenshot with the missing EPROM :

… much better! I completed the repair applying some labels over the board to protect the EPROMs windows against UV :

Easy fix … Case Closed!

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