I have some boards getting older in the cellar from ages, they come from my friend Daniele and now it’s time to check them up. The first pick is The Combatribes by Technos.

The Combatribes (ザ・コンバットライブス) is a 1990
beat ’em-up game released for the arcades by Technos Japan Corp (the developers of Renegade and Double Dragon). The game centers on three vigilantes (identified as cyborgs in the SNES port) who must fight against numerous street gangs in futuristic New York City.”

Taken From :

I gave some power to the board and it was running, but the title screen showed bad graphics :

I forgot to take additional pictures, but also the graphics in the game were corrupt, and looking at the issue it should be ROM/RAM related, i didn’t know how this hardware works and i found no schematics and before I perform a deeper search of any useful informations about it, I started poking around with the scope probe over the game PCB. My lazy poking was violentlty stopped when my palm touched this MASK ROMS …

The MASK ROM @IC13 was getting damned hot! WTF … I powered off the board and as 2 out of 4 MASK ROMs were on sockets i can easily remove them for an out of circuit test. This rework is probably due to a previous repair attempt, who knows …

The one @IC13 was damaged as i expected and it was internally short circuited as the EPROM programmed reported a bad IC. I red also the MASK ROM @IC12 and i fed the dump against ROSICA tool, it gave me a match as a Combatribes MAME romset but something wrong were going on as the spotted ROM should be the one @IC13 instead @IC12 so it was in the wrong place. So I placed it in the right socket and i programmed a new one EPROM replacing the damaged one.

Now all was ready for the smoke test … i powered up the boards again and it played in the right way!

Easy Fix! Now the graphics were correct and as usually it was the time to deep test the game! 🙂

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