Metamorphic Force – Konami

Got this board from a friend of mine for repair, the game is a side scrolling beat’em up released by Konami in 1993.

The board played fine except for a strange graphic issue involving backgrounds and sprites. Sometimes wrong background graphics were displayed:

… sometimes the sprites had bad data and colours:

… sometimes the sprites were missed at all:

Touching and bending the PCB, partially recover or almost changed the graphics, so the issue should be related to bad traces or lifted pins on one or more IC chip in QFP package a very common issue found on Konami boards.

After a quick and dirty investigation i spotted some lifted and bridged pins on the Konami 055555 TQFP IC. The Asic seems to be a

“5-bit-per-pixel priority encoder with 6 inputs. It can do variable alpha blending and probably a few other special graphics tricks that are currently undocumented” (taken from

Probably this bad rework is due to a previous repair attempt, cleaning and reflowing the pins resolves all the graphics issues!

Case closed! 🙂

ARiD feat. ROSiCa Update MAME 0.201

ARiD is an acronym for Arcade Rom ID, is an identification tool used to spot unknown arcade boards from their EPROM dumps.

It works hashing the supplied EPROM dumps against MAME RomSet, the current version is an alpha/beta/wip but it recognise all the games the latest loaded MAME database knows.

It also performs checksum calculations for the FLUKE 9010A Micro System TroubleShooter, very useful for repairing vintage computers and arcade boards.

Here’s some data …

ARiD Engine : 0.3.37
RoSiCa Engine : 0.1
ROMs in DB : 291824
MAME RomSet : 0.201
Last Update : 30/04/18
Searches Served : 1483
Mbytes Served : 879

Other well known projects:

By the way the above projects seems not to be maintained anymore.

The ARiD engine featuring RoSiCa, works the same way, It calculates the usual hashes for the rom you want to identify and then compare it against the MAME RomSet and its database, obviously if a match is found, it displays all of them.

ARiD Logo
ARiD feat. RoSiCa